Thursday, February 28, 2013


It's always nice to see items we've sold being used and loved, especially nice when they appear in respected magazines like LIGHTNING. This vintage 1940's BUCHEIMER Leather Safety Wallet was sold via The San Fernando Valley Mercantile Co. at The Rose Bowl Flea Market to respected local denim & canvas artisan and fellow vintage aficionado Michael Hodis of RISING SUN & CO. The wallet was recently spotted in Lightning Magazine #3 Vol.227 as part of a piece titled "Please show me your item", related to this years BREAD & BUTTER trade show in Berlin.  Usually referred to as Biker or Trucker wallets, this particular version with its BUCHEIMER MADE SINCE 1884 engraved style snaps was a tough piece to let go (like so many items we sell), luckily another similar wallet was found to replace it.
Small gauge brass or gold gilt plated chain secured to wallet with s type hook
Engraved or filled letter type nickle plated snap
NYNCO heavy duty brass zipper
Photos from Lightning Magazine 2013 #3 Vol. 227 courtesy of Lightning Magazine
This near mint BUCHEIMER wallet shares the same design, snaps and heavy duty NYNCO zipper as the wallet sold to Michael. Heavier gauge nickle plated chain that is secured to wallet with o-ring looks to be the only difference.

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    What is the name of the cap that the drivers of steam-powered locomotives wear on their heads? (blue with a very large roof) and if and where can you buy one? In this movie you can see this hat.
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